I was Shocked When I saw her Website on the Internet

Uff, what a day! Today is very packed up schedule. Hi, I am Manisha; I am a business woman. I live with my small daughter; she is my one and only love. I want to fulfill her dreams, her wishes everything. Because of that I am doing hard work. When I was in college I never think about this life. Even when I was going to marriage that time also I never think about this lifestyle. I complete my study with art and hand crafting. My husband was in software so he was always maintained a tough schedule. After 2 years of my marriage he passed away; at that mean time I could not understand that how I manage myself and also my daughter. She was very big responsibility for me. Everybody said about second marriage but I was concern about my daughter not for me. Because we were making a plan for open a handicraft business before his death. But we delayed for some of his time issues; that time I wanted to do a small business. So I was going through this handicraft business plan. I have some deposits and my father in law gave me a big amount because he knew that I can build myself. Through my brother’s help I was talking with some dealer and sellers. Because I wanted to deal with single piece and also with orders like any small company orders, any homes orders etc. We have our own space to open the shop beside of road. So I had no travel to find to place.

web design company dubai

After all these arrangements I started my business, when I started the business I got so many buyers. After two or three years of started it was going fabulous; but now I can’t understand the reason that why it is not running good.  After thinking I can understand that now I have so many competitors and for that reason sale is less than before now.  During few days I am very worried about that. Because of I have to find out any solution for this problem. This business can fulfil my daughter’s dream. I cannot lose my market place that I made very hardly. For that reason I am starting to find how I build my marketplace. When I search on internet then I saw that every suggestion about online marketing. I know online marketing is good but I have no experience about that online marketing. I am buying something form online but I never use this for my business. When I am searching then I opened so many sites. Suddenly I saw that there has one website, whose owner is one of my friends. She has boutique centre and she is doing print on sarees. I am shocked to see this; she has a small business and she just starts her business. She made a website for her business. I build a business during many years and I don’t think about that. Then I search about the advantages of website, how it can be helping me etc. Then I think that I will meet with her, so I can know about this website.


Next day I was going to meet with her. She shocked to see me; this is the first time I came here. I told her that you don’t be worried out; I came here to know something. I told her about my husband’s death and also about my business. She was very upset and gave sympathy. Then I asked to her about her business website. I asked what she is doing for her business. She told me that her brother advised her to make a website for her business and promote through this website. She said that a good website design can give her good result for her business. She said that at first we have to choose a good web design company dubai, and then we have to explain about our business. They will make a perfect website according our choice. After that you can say them to promote this website through SEO and SEM etc. After one or two months you can see the changes of your business. You also can provide ad on google adwords. I just came back from there to give her a thankful hug. She gave me the information about a company for website design dubai. I hope it can be helpful for my business and my future.

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